Volunteer Commitees

ONEXONE’s success is attributed to its dedicated and devoted volunteers who are working on innovative new projects to help further the mission of ONEXONE. Thank you for your time, dedication and contribution throughout the year. We couldn’t do it without you!

ONEXONE First Nations School Breakfast Program Advisory Committee

Carla D’Angelo, Claudia Alan Inc
Marlene Hodgins, JTEK Communications
Pytor Hodgson, Three Things Consulting
Victoria La Billois, Wejipeg Excavation Contracting
Beth Malcolm, Canadian Women’s Foundation
Andre Morriseau, Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business
Melanie Morningstar, Assembly of First Nations
Wanda Peters Brascoupe, The Circle on Philanthropy and Aboriginal Peoples in Canada
Dana Reiter, Consultant; PhD candidate
Dale Steinhauer
Frank Turner

Cabinet 4 Hope

The Cabinet is a group of individuals who help ONEXONE raise awareness and funds for the ONEXONE First Nations School Breakfast Program.

Christine Davis
Aurea Dempsey
Philip DeSouza
Monica Jain
Mariah Owen
Kari Rao
PJ Tarasuk
Vandana Taxali
Peter A Wong

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