OneXOne Founder’s Message

“ONE single individual has the power to make a profound

and sustainable difference in the lives of others”

Dear ONEXONE Friend,

Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to learn about who we are and what we do. There are so many very worthwhile causes and more and more we are seeing that being part of a solution is not fashionable, as some people might have thought; Rather it is truly about a passion to make a difference and at the same time bring meaning to our lives while we live in a world where understanding and compassion are not always prevalent.

In 2001 my husband Lou was stricken with a catastrophic illness and the process that we lived through was so horrific words could never describe it. From that experience and his subsequent passing in January 2003, I came to a realization that we as humanity no longer appreciated the value of a human life. Everywhere on this planet decisions were being made everyday on who should live and who should die based solely on economic.

I promised myself that I would make it my life’s work to encourage every single person that “ONE by ONE” we could promote the philosophy that every single life was infinitely precious and, as importantly, ONE single individual has the power to make a profound and sustainable difference in the lives of others.

What has become more and more apparent all over the world is that the most vulnerable, our children, are bearing the brunt of poverty and all the horrendous derivatives of the condition. That is why the mission of ONEXONE is about Children: children here in North America and in countries such as Haiti as well as a variety of countries in Africa.

We at ONEXONE have been so fortunate. Although I am proud to carry the title of Founder, the reality is that there are many pillars in this foundation without whom we never would have achieved what we have achieved. I would respectfully ask you to go to the Our Team page and take cognizance of our family who have given so much.

“It takes a village to raise a child.”

We began a journey together in 2005 and have seen much in a short time. We know we have so much more still to achieve but we also know that, as the African adage says: “It takes a village to raise a child.” At ONEXONE we believe in bringing as many people around the table as we can. We want to share and work together with our friends and our partners. We believe fervently in integrity and, most importantly, always putting the cause first.

Thank you,


Joelle Berdugo Adler

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