Play is at the crux of what we do at ONEXONE. It’s about allowing kids the chance to be just kids. Play is what happens when a child isin’t worrying about where his next meal is coming from, or when a young girl isin’t spending hours out of each day collecting clean water for her household. A simple game of catch or scoring a goal in a soccer match; these precious moments of joy capture what it is to enjoy childhood, to experience just being a kid.

ONEXONE realizes children’s happiness, their carefree enthusiasm, is a precious and finite thing that must be nurtured. To that end, ONEXONE together in partnership with Charlize Theron’s African Outreach Project broke ground on a new collaborative initiative called Home Field Advantage (HFA). The HFA project built volleyball and soccer facilities, along with clean water sources, to disadvantaged children in rural areas outside Johannesburg, South Africa. The project endeavours to make school the epicenter of families in these underserved communities, boosting attendance rates and building self-esteem in young children.

The field and clean water wells created ideal space

for gathering and uplifting the community

and gives children the chance to just be kids!

ONEXONE has also partnered with Right To Play to initiate sport and play activities along the Sudanese border in Eastern Chad to engage children in refugee camps. This initiative provided play activities to a total of 12,630 children, and trained 359 coaches and teachers in the effective facilitation of inclusive sport and play activities. Safe play spaces were created including football, netball, basketball, and volleyball courts, and sports equipment was procured and distributed.

Play programs like this one help to promote healthy lifestyle behaviour and social development, develop life skills such as cooperation, leadership and teamwork, and foster peace and happiness by providing structure and normalization in the lives of children in disadvantaged communities. It can bring entire communities together and teach children about tolerance and peace.

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