Everyone has the right to education. Education opens doors and expands opportunities and freedoms. Education contributes to fostering peace, democracy, sustainable development, economic growth and has been repeatedly correlated with improved health and reduced poverty. Ensuring that every child has the opportunity to go to school and to learn is a longstanding passion of ONEXONE.

Most recently, ONEXONE partnered with the Coady International Institute, the Frank McKenna Centre for Leadership at St. Frances Xavier University, the Clinton Global Initiative and the Joint Distribution Committee to found the Haitian Centre of Excellence for New Leadership Innovation. The key goals of the Centre are to:

  • build broad based, new leadership in Haiti’s private, government and community sectors capable of achieving high quality, positive shared results; and to
  • shift the development approach in Haiti onto a citizen-driven, self-reliant, entrepreneurial and ethical path.

Another example of ONEXONE’s commitment to education are the Millennium Villages in Mayange, Rwanda and Toya, Mali.

Established under the leadership of ONEXONE’s partner, Millennium Promise, the Millennium Villages are examples that education isn’t limited to the classroom. Education is the backbone of development in these communities. Education in the Millennium Villages is delivered both in a classroom setting and through programs aimed at providing teaching tools for comprehensive health care, crop diversification, school meal programs, electricity grids, water and road networks and business development opportunities. In these Villages education is a way of life…

These Villages prove that education is a building block of self-sustainability. Providing teaching and training creates a self-sustainable community that can stand on its own and continue to thrive and flourish.

Through a holistic and community-managed approach, the Millennium Villages support integrated and targeted investments through education and technical training in agriculture, academics, health, water and sanitation, infrastructure and business development to empower the poorest and most remote communities to lift themselves out of extreme poverty and become self-sustainable. This work is premiered on the belief that, for the first time in history, our generation has the opportunity to end extreme poverty, hunger and disease.

ONEXONE is also developing education in Kenya on a separate initiative. A few years ago ONEXONE broke ground on the Kisaruni Secondary School in Kenya. This school will help young girls move beyond an elementary education and provide them with the access to education that they need to change their lives. To all involved, this was so much more than the start of construction; it is the start of a better future.

The Kisaruni Secondary School in Kenya is built in partnership with a hardworking in-country team, and with the cooperation of all community members in the surrounding communities. Working in close partnership with all the communities has been key to making the project sustainable and ensuring that the parents are involved and committed to the girls’ education.

Other educational initiatives that ONEXONE has worked on are L’Ecole Union Des Apotres in Haiti and partnerships with Prodev and the Institute for Justice and Democracy.


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