ONEXONE works with a variety of important health care initiatives, and currently at the forefront is the ONEXONE Pediatric Wing at the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital in Haiti.

Haiti’s January 12th, 2010 earthquake ranks among the worst natural disasters in modern history. It is estimated that 316,000 people died, 300,000 were injured, and 1,000,000 Haitians were made homeless. The earthquake also significantly impacted healthcare services in Haiti. The nation’s only public teaching hospital (HUEH) was seriously damaged and the nursing school collapsed, killing the entire second year nursing class.

The earthquake was particularly devastating in the rural community of Mirebalais, located 50 kilometres north of Port-au-Prince; available medical care prior to 2010 was already extremely limited, and after the earthquake, care became unattainable for thousands of residents.

But there is hope:

the construction of an 180,000 square foot national

teaching hospital offering unprecedented care in the

Haitian public health sector is now complete.

The hospital will enable the training of medical, dental and nursing students as well as resident physicians.

The hospital enables the training of medical, dental and nursing students as well as resident physicians. Mirebalais Hospital is now one of Haiti’s premier medical facilities. With 324 beds, 30 outpatient consultation rooms, six operating rooms and space to host trainings with over 200 participants, the Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital is the largest public health facility in Haiti outside of Port-au- Prince.

ONEXONE Mirebalais Pediatric Wing Haiti

Mirebalais Hospital.

The facility treats 500 patients each day, providing unprecedented and life-saving medical care to over 300,000 residents in the Mirebalais catchment area. The ONEXONE Pediatric Wing is a joint effort between ONEXONE and the internationally recognized organization Partners In Health (PIH). It will build long-term and sustainable public health care capacity by delivering essential pediatric services today, and by training the next generation of health care professionals for tomorrow.


The ONEXONE Pediatric Wing consists of two wards and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. It provides 5,000 inpatient and 35,000 outpatient medical services for children each year, including: surgery, a specialized malnutrition unit, a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric nursing education for Haitian nursing students, pediatric medical rotations for Haitian resident doctors, pediatric rehabilitative and preventative care.

The Mirebalais National Teaching Hospital is innovative in its design and ground-breaking in the services that it provides in a rural, resource-poor region. It will offer innovative technology – some of which was previously unavailable in Haiti including a full-body CT scanner, teleconferencing capabilities, and on-site waste water treatment.

The Mirebalais Hospital’s design is ecologically responsible. The hospital uses 500KW of solar energy for primary generation of electricity, making it the greenest health facility and the largest solar energy project in Haiti. The hospital is also designed to withstand earthquakes and high-winds from tropical storms.

The hospital will be operated in partnership with the national government. Over time, financial responsibility for the hospital will gradually transition to the government, with the government assuming control of most of the facility by 2021.

Mirebalais Hospital represents what is possible in Haiti today: a quality public hospital, which enables medical professionals to be educated in their own country. The hospital sends a clear message that accessible health care is a human right. The ONEXONE Pediatric Wing ensures that this message applies to children as well.

We have given over $1 million already.

ONEXONE has committed over $3 million to support the construction and operation of the ONEXONE Pediatric Wing at HUM, and has already delivered over $1 million which has facilitated the construction of the facility. All additional money will help sustain the operations, training and management of the Pediatric Wing.

It is the largest single investment by ONEXONE ever, and it is something that we are incredibly proud of. It is an ambitious goal but it is an investment that will generate results in the years ahead not only through lives saved, but also through improved health care for future generation.

Please help us reach our goal and donate now.


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