July 2005

ONEXONE foundation

ONEXONE was founded in 2005 by Joey Adler in memory of her husband Lou...
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Jan. 2006

ONEXONE helps to launch 60 well projects

The clean water issue has been at the forefront of ONEXONE's efforts since 2006...
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May 2006

Early detection and medical treatment

ONEXONE Pediatric Cardiology Patient Care & Physician Training program...
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Sept. 2006

ONEXONE funds Millennium Villages in Mayange, Rwanda and Toya, Mali

ONEXONE funds Millennium Villages...
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Sept. 2006

Right To Play, ONEXONE initiates sport and play activities

In partnership with Right To Play, ONEXONE initiates sport and play activities...
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Sept. 2007

Global movement to end malaria in Africa

ONEXONE supports Spread the Net...
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Oct. 2007

Delivering access to safe water and sanitation

ONEXONE partners with The Ryan's Well Foundation...
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Nov. 2007

ONEXONE and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN)

ONEXONE and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) set a goal to address and increase the availability of healthy food to all First Nations children...
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May 2008

A series of cross-Canada ultra-marathons created to raise awareness

Ultra-marathoner and ONEXONE Ambassador Ray Zahab kicks off "Canada ONEXONE"...
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Sept. 2008

ONEXONE renews its commitment to clean water projects

ONEXONE renews its commitment to clean water projects at the Clinton Global Initiative...
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Oct. 2008

The BackPack Program

ONEXONE partners with Feeding America to support The BackPack Program...
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July 2009

Newest partner of ONEXONE

H2O Africa merges with WaterPartners...
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Sept. 2009

A new collaborative initiative called Home Field Advantage (HFA)

In partnership with Charlize Theron’s African Outreach Project...
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Jan. 2010


Haiti's January 2010 earthquake ranges among the worst natural disasters in modern history...
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August 2010

Haïti legal, organizational and advocacy assistance

ONEXONE contracts the Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
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Dec. 2010

$12,282,000 in North America...

ONEXONE enjoyed a breakthrough year and raised $12,282,000 in North America...
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Jan. 2011

Free the Children + ONEXONE

In partnership with Free the Children, ONEXONE brakes ground on ONEXONE's Secondary School in Kenya...
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Jan. 2011

Books for Haïti

ONEXONE partners with Kids Can Press ....
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Jan. 2011

ONEXONE supports two community centres

ONEXONE supports two community centres in Zoranje...
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Feb. 2011

OneXone & Zamni béni

ONEXONE partners with Zamni Beni in Port-au-Prince...
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April 2011

Ecole Union Des Apotres in Haiti

ONEXONE partners with Prodev...
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June 2011

ONEXONE and Partners In Health (PIH)

ONEXONE and Partners In Health (PIH) embark on an ambitious plan to build a state of the art pediatric wing at the Mirebalais...
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July 2012

Day of Giving

ONEXONE partners with Microsoft during IAMCP...
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Sept. 2012

The ONEXONE First Nations School Breakfast Program

During the 2012-2013 school year, ONEXONE supported over 3,000 children ...
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Feb. 2013


The construction of Hopital Universitaire de Mirebalais (HUM) is complete...
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Sept. 2013

Increased support from PepsiCo and new partners

ONEXONE is able to feed 1000 more First Nations children...
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