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Rogers is proud to partner with ONEXONE and fully supports the endeavour to preserve the value of life and improve the lives of children world wide. Edward and Suzanne Rogers are Honorary Founding Chairpersons of the ONEXONE Foundation and donated $1.5 million to fund a Millennium Village in Africa which has helped approximately 5,000 people living in the poorest conditions in a town in Rwanda. “I have seen first-hand the tremendous work that ONEXONE is doing in Africa to help families escape from poverty, disease and hunger, and to achieve sustained economic growth” said Edward Rogers, President & C.E.O of Rogers Cable Communications.

First Nations Breakfast Program

In addition to the support of programs in Africa, Rogers also takes responsibility in helping children in Canada through support of the ONEXONE First Nations Breakfast Program. The Rogers Group of Companies are committed to supporting a range of national and grass-roots activities that focus on improving the lives of others, through corporate funding and employee participation.

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