Hunger is an increasing epidemic amongst children, inspiring a domino effect that threatens young generation’s physical health, mental health, behavior, and education.

Help us feed our children here at home, one by one, give every child the sustenance to excel and the energy to just be a kid.

Join us.

In the United States, 1 out of 6 children lives in a food insecure household, which means they do not always know where they will find their next meal, are unable to consistently access nutritious and adequate amounts of food necessary for a healthy life, and are at risk of going hungry.

ONEXONE realizes it is crucial to address the hunger issue because its effects are so devastating to the development of a healthy child during critical periods of growth. Nutrition is a critical component to a healthy life. Hunger negatively impacts school performance and academic achievement, and overall behavioral and cognitive development. And hunger puts kids at risk for illness and weakens their immune system. (Children who are food insecure are 90% more likely to be in fair or poor health and have 30% higher rates of hospitalization.) It is a rapidly growing issue with the demand at food banks across the U.S. is up as much as 30% since just last year.

That is why ONEXONE partnered with Feeding America, the nation’s leading hunger-relief organization to support The BackPack Program.
The BackPack Program concept was developed at the Arkansas Rice Depot, after a school nurse asked for help because hungry students were coming to her with stomach aches and dizziness. She concluded that many of these students were barely eating between the time they received a free school lunch on Friday and then again on Monday, going hungry over the weekend. The local food bank began to provide the school children with groceries in non-descript backpacks to carry home.


Today there are more than 2,200 BackPack Programs in operation, serving more than 90,000 children each year.

But the need is still so much greater. More than 18 million U.S. children rely on free or reduced-price school lunch provided through the National School Lunch Program, but have no support for these hungry children at times when that resource is not available on weekends.
Please join us in making a difference and fight child hunger in our First Nations communities, one by one.

Just $1.60 will provide 1 child with a healthy breakfast.


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