William Deluce

  • William Deluce

William Deluce

President of Wicklow Consulting Inc.

Mr. William (Bill) Deluce holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. He is President of Wicklow Consulting Inc., a diversified investment company with global interests in the aviation and mining sectors. Having grown up in an aviation family, Mr. Deluce has founded, managed and served in senior positions at scheduled and charter air service companies in North America and Africa. These airlines include Austin Airways, Air Ontario and Air Alliance in Canada, as well as Global Airlift in Kenya and South African Express. Mr. Deluce currently sits on the boards of CATSA, Vitran Corporation, St. Michael’s Hospital Foundation, ONEXONE and Healthy Kids International.

As someone who travels frequently, a chance stop-over in Rwanda prompted Bill’s desire to help this country. Impressed by their dedication to honest, equitable and sustainable development, Bill was moved to secure much needed medical equipment from Canada to be shipped to Rwanda. The multi-level connections that Bill has made world-wide combined with his remarkable hands-on experience in Africa have made him a valuable asset to the ONEXONE team.

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