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In the three months that followed the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Sunwing Travel Group and ONEXONE joined forces on a multi-level assistance program the company undertook to assist Haiti after the earthquake. Sunwing Airlines, which operates weekly flights between Montreal and the Haitian capital Port au Prince, offered up to $50,000 in airseats to assist relief worker working for NGOs affiliated with ONEXONE to get to our return from the disaster-stricken island. The carrier also contributed any available cargo space to ONEXONE to transfer several tonnes of relief supplies. In addition, on all flights Sunwing asks passengers to contribute spare change which is donated to ONEXONE.

“We feel this is a time for companies such as Sunwing, who are so fortunate to have so many business and personal partnerships with people in the Caribbean, to step up to the plate and assist worthwhile charities such as ONEXONE.”
Stephen Hunter, CEO & President of Sunwing Travel Group

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