Sam Gilbert

  • Sam Gilbert

Sam Gilbert

Sam Gilbert has been associated with ONEXONE since its inception in 2005. Sam completed a degree in Business from York University, and works as a consultant for the Department of Good and Carve Bar in Los Angeles, California.

“ONEXONE is something very near and dear to my heart. Having been fortunate enough to be around since the foundation’s earliest days, I have been able to see all the ebbs and flows, as well as the blood, sweat and tears our founder Joey Adler, as well as all the amazing board members, have put in to promulgate this amazing cause. The trip to Haiti following the earthquake in 2010 completely changed who I am as a person. Being able to witness true devastation and vulnerability first hand was somewhat of a ‘call to action’ and made me realize the difference between vocally supporting a cause, and actually getting involved in making a difference. I embrace this elevated level of responsibility within the Foundation with open arms and look forward to spearheading a youth movement on the shoulders of the millennial generation.” –Sam Gilbert


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