Pytor Hodgson

Pytor Hodgson

Pytor has been active in supporting street involved, sexually exploited and trafficked children and youth, youth in/from care and custody, and Indigenous young people since his teenaged years. Rooted in a respectful approach that recognizes traditional ways Pytor has collaborated and worked with more than 45 First Nation communities in Canada and hundreds of community organizations, governments and systems. As an Anishinaabe person who walks the red road, Pytor continues to provide meaningful opportunities for people to build skills and capacity to complement their natural assets in addressing community issues.

As CEO of Three Things Consulting he helps organizations and governments create processes, programs and opportunities for youth and community engagement, research and innovative evaluation. He inspires youth and influencers to make their lives healthier and communities stronger, with a deep understanding that they matter, they are important, and they belong.

A sought after commentator on youth and community issues Pytor has been an advisor to government, (including as an inaugural member of the Ontario Premiers Council on Youth Opportunities), charities (as a member of the National Task Force on Trafficked Girls and Women) and as a speaker at conferences, trainings and special events Pytor has spoken in over 1000 settings including workshops, panels, plenary and keynote sessions to local, national and international youth and adult audiences.

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