Jude Welch

  • Jude Welch

Jude Welch

Air Canada. Director, Community Relations

Jude Welch is a proud Hamiltonian with a reputation for getting things done. Jude has in-depth knowledge of how the federal government works both from a political and public policy perspective; having held senior positions at the federal level, including working for senior cabinet ministers and as a senior advisor to the Leader of the Official Opposition.

In November 2007, Jude began at Air Canada as Manager, Government Relations. Two years later, Jude was appointed Director, Community Relations with responsibility for Air Canada’s lobbying efforts with Canadian municipal and provincial governments and federal and state governments in the United States. Jude has also overseen Air Canada’s recent relief missions to Haiti and Egypt.

Jude is fluently bilingual in French and English and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Athabasca University.

Jude lives in Ottawa with his family and is committed to his community and Country. He was the United Way’s youth representative in government and has been an active volunteer with local food banks and has served as president in his local federal riding. He enjoys traveling and running, and has completed a marathon raising money and awareness for cancer research.

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