Jessica Chammoury

  • Jessica Chammoury

Jessica Chammoury

Jessica Chammoury was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She graduated from Mount Royal University in June 2015, with a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Marketing. During the 10 years she has been at Edges Salon & Spa, she has worked her way up from salon assistant to Director of Marketing. She has continuously exceeded expectations, and gained the respect and admiration of her mentors.

Jessica’s parents, Mike and Lina opened Edges Salon and Spa in October, 2002. Their desire to give back to their community resulted in a partnership with ONEXONE in 2010 that has steadily grown with every passing year. Jessica is proud to be able to use her training and skills to grow her parents’ business, while also being part of an amazing team that is dedicated to making a difference. Jessica has always been committed to bringing hope and positive change to her community, and is passionate about helping people. She says it is a privilege to be able to do this while being a part of the beauty industry she loves so much.

Jessica’s future plans include growing Edges and working closely with ONEXONE in her community. Her vision includes expanding Edges to a larger location to make it a destination salon and spa within Calgary. Eventually Jessica would like to use her skills to help educate other salon and spa owners and help improve the industry as a whole.


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