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Calm Air’s story began over 50 years ago with the humble beginnings of a fishing camp float plane operation to now being one of central Canada’s largest Regional Airlines. Calm Air continues to expand its horizons with the addition of its newest destination in Sanikiluaq and new routing which now enables passengers to connect directly to Thompson from Flin Flon & The Pas. Calm Air’s most exiting expansion in 2014 is the purchase of a second ATR72 passenger aircraft. Calm Air is proving to be a company with long term goals and commitment to future growth.

Calm Air’s new routing from Flin Flon & The Pas to Thompson is allowing our passengers to travel with speed & style on the Dornier 328 Jet. The Dornier 328 Jet cuts down travel time with its speed of 370 mph and also offers direct flights between Winnipeg, Thompson, Churchill and Rankin Inlet. Calm Air’s newest scheduled flight destination in Sanikiluaq offers a new level of transportation service for those living within this northern community. Not only is Calm Air offering flights from Sanikiluaq direct to Winnipeg for passengers; but also creating opportunities for businesses and culture to grow with cargo shipments being offered.

Calm Air flies two Cargo ATR72 aircrafts and now two Passenger ATR72 aircrafts. This model of plane provides the answer to any air travel needs. The versatility of this aircraft is extraordinary; being able to make flight configurations of cargo, passenger or a combination of the two. The combination aspect is one of the most exciting features enabling passenger loads to range from 22-62 people depending on demand. When flying with 22 passengers the ATR72 can hold a maximum of 14,000 pounds of freight; when flying with cargo alone the maximum load is an impressive 17,000 pounds. The ability to haul bulk tanks and fuel drums cannot be over looked; having the capability of holding 10,000 litres of fuel. All four of Calm Air’s ATR72s are equipped with roller floors as well as ice strip and off strip landing capabilities. As weather conditions are very unpredictable in Northern Canada, choosing to fly with Calm Air’s ATR72 will provide you with the comfort knowing that you and your cargo will arrive at its proper destination without leaving anyone or anything behind.

Reliable air service is still one of Calm Air’s philosophies today. Passenger service is scheduled to six communities in Manitoba and eight communities in Nunavut. The versatility of our fleet of four ATR72s, two Dornier 328 Jets and eight ATR42s paired with major bases in Thompson, Churchill, Rankin Inlet and Winnipeg allows Calm Air to continue to be a gateway to the north. Calm Air is expanding to provide more frequent flights, broader cargo options and also introducing the opportunity to extend your horizons to new destinations. Calm Air is proud to connect Manitoba & Nunavut. Experience the North with Calm Air.

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