February 4, 2011

Fashion Has No Borders is partnering up with ONEXONE in support of the First Nations School Breakfast Program

Calgary, Alberta, February 14, 2011 – Fashion Has No Borders™ is generously partnering with the ONEXONE Foundation in support of the First Nations School Breakfast Program, a program that provides a nutritious breakfast for children each and every school day.
Fashion Has No Borders in support of ONEXONE is holding an event on Saturday, March 26th, 2011. For every ticket sold, Fashion Has No Border will contribute $2 to ONEXONE’s First Nations School Breakfast Program. The program ensures children start each day with a healthy breakfast as well as provides funding and logistical support to sustain the high costs of transporting food to these remote communities.
“We are so grateful to Sharon and ‘Fashion Has No Borders’ for their support of our First Nations School Breakfast Program! With their contribution, we are providing breakfast to children to help them reach their full potential”, said Joelle Berdugo Adler, Founder, ONEXONE
Fashion Has No Borders is proud to partner with ONEXONE to ensure that all children start each day with a healthy breakfast so that they are ready to learn and succeed…because education is essential to stepping out of poverty”, said Sharon Cornwall, Executive Producer, Fashion Has No Borders.
Hosted by Jeanne Beker, the event is taking place on Saturday, March 26, 2011 at the Big Four Building. Tickets are $8.50 in advance and $12.00 at the door.

About ONEXONE Foundation

ONEXONE is a nonprofit foundation committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children in Canada, the United States and around the world. The First Nations School Breakfast Program is a ONEXONE led initiative that focuses on ensuring access and availability of healthy food for First Nations communities. In 2011, the program will serve 21 First nations Communities and provide nutritious meals to close to 3,400 students a day.

About Fashion Has No Borders

Fashion Has No Borders™ is a groundbreaking event for Alberta. The FHNB Expose provides a marketing vehicle for small to medium sized businesses in the fashion industry wanting to brand and promote themselves, their products and services. FHNB is the foremost annual fashion, beauty and wellness destination in Canada, showcasing artistic and theatrical talent by providing a platform for unprecedented collaboration.

For more information on Fashion Has No Borders, please contact:

Sharon Cornwall
Executive Producer
Program, please contact;
Kelly Ouimet


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