September 29, 2008

Matt Damon’s Quest for Clean African Water

September 29, 2008, 11:45 am

Matt Damon was one of several hundred “friends of Bill” who participated in this year’s Clinton Global Initiative conference in Manhattan, a four-day event last week orchestrated by former President Bill Clinton and aimed at funneling wealth to projects that improve lives and the environment in the world’s poorest places. The meeting is aimed at exacting hundreds of pledges from wealthy people, foundations, companies, and other entities aimed at the goals above. For his part, Mr. Damon announced a commitment of $1 million over the next year to help programs providing clean drinking water in African villages. The lack of a place to defecate, and the lack of clean water, remain among the world’s most glaring, and avoidable, “slow drip” problems, as I’ve written before. Mr. Damon said he was eager to use his fame to help direct some light, and money, to this issue. I shot some video of his explanation for his focus on water, and Africa:



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