September 11, 2006


Donation of First Millenium Village from Canada for US $1.5 Million

c563a87626991dc3b4bcebb80c8d331f4615017fTORONTO, September 11, 2006 ≠ ONE X ONE Foundation and Millennium Promise Alliance announced today that they are launching a new partnership to tackle extreme poverty in Africa. The partnership will support a Millennium Village in Africa, the first such joint project in Canada.

The objective of the partnership will be to generate support in Canada for future Millenium Villages. ONE X ONE Foundation will work hand-in-hand with Millennium Promise to help Villages of approximately 5,000 people, living in the poorest conditions in Africa, to escape from the trap of poverty, disease and hunger and to achieve sustained economic growth. As part of the Millennium Villages project, the two organizations plan to demonstrate not only that poverty can be ended on the rural level, but that the Millennium Development Goals can also be achieved within five years through holistic, community-driven initiatives.

We are also announcing that Edward and Suzanne Rogers will donate USD $1.5 million dollars to ONE X ONE to fund the first Millennium Village from Canada. ≥Suzanne and I are honoured to be able to take this first step in forging a partnership with so much promise and hope for real progress in ending poverty in Africa at the level of everyday people,≤ added Edward Rogers.

ONE X ONE is a non-profit foundation committed to supporting, preserving and improving the lives of children. Through its annual campaign, it is dedicated to helping create a world where children can live safely and with dignity. In 2005, ONE X ONE facilitated over $1.3 million dollars distributed to Canadian charities and global initiatives.

≥The mission of ONE X ONE is a perfect fit for what Millennium Promise and its founder Professor Jeffrey Sachs are trying to do in Africa,≤ said Joelle Berdugo Adler, Founder of ONE X ONE, ≥As Millennium Promise is breathing new life into one village at a time in Africa, we will try to expand our partnership with them here in Canada one village at a time.≤

Millennium Promise works to end extreme poverty by partnering with all parts of society including individuals, businesses, charitable organizations, faith-based groups and governments. Achieving the Millennium Development Goals — the world’s time-bound targets for addressing extreme poverty in its many dimensions — by 2015 will be a crucial step along the way.

≥This is an outstanding partnership between two like-minded organizations,≤ said Jeffrey Flug, CEO of Millennium Promise, ≥We are thrilled with the donation of the first Millennium Village from Canada and we are excited to be working with ONE X ONE and garnering more support in a country like Canada, where the Canadian people have long been so involved in global development.≤

≥Our mission as an organization is to bring together people in all parts of society and work towards the unified goal of ending extreme poverty,≤ added Flug. ≥Our work together will help prove that there are straightforward and affordable steps we can take.≤

th ONE X ONE and Millennium Promise thanked Belinda Stronach, M.P. for her efforts in introducing the work of Dr. Sachs more broadly in Canada and trying to mobilize action on the Millennium Villages and other initiatives in African development.

Currently Millennium Promise is working in close coordination with the Earth Institute at Columbia University and the United Nations Millennium Project in 79 villages throughout Africa. Each Village consists of roughly 5,000 people and it takes a private investment of USD $300,000 a year, for five years to complete the project. Work is also made possible by the participation of local and national governments, other NGOs, institutional and individual donors, as well as corporations and foundations. The funds are used to provide practical and proven interventions aimed at meeting the Millennium Development Goals like: mosquito bed nets to prevent malaria; fertilizers to replenish depleted soils; school lunches for malnourished children; treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS and other tried-and-true approaches to controlling the symptoms and effects of extreme poverty.

For additional information, please contact:

ONE X ONE: Mich Ahern/416 454 8060/ /

Millennium Promise: Kyu-Young Lee / 212 524 5710 / /


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