September 3, 2015

Edges Salon & Spa hosts 2015 Cut-A-Thon in Calgary

By Jessica Chammoury




A person who touches more hearts than hair.

Edges 5
The family that has emerged from Edges Salon & Spa  is made up of the most unique and entertaining people, who all possess such incredible talent. From the hairstylists and spa therapists, to all the amazing support staff, there is no lack of kindness and love within their team.

Mike & Lina Chammoury were introduced to ONEXONE’s work five years ago, through Redken and Summit Salon Services in Calgary, Alberta. Having experienced life in poverty-stricken nations, Mike and Lina could not stand idly by when they realized the issues being faced by Canadians, especially in their home city of Calgary. It was immediately clear to them that a partnership with ONEXONE would give them a chance to give back to their community.

Mike’s passion for hairstyling led to the establishment of a successful business, with the support of his wife of 25 years, Lina, as well as an incredible team. Determining how and where to contribute was a challenge, but the Chammourys loved ONEXONE’s idea to host a Cut-A-Thon and raise money for children living in poverty through donating their amazing skills.

Sunday (August 23rd, 2015) started off beautifully, with blue skies and lots of sun. The marketing team Edges Salon had worked hard on creating a buzz about the event and a great turnout was expected. But no one could have predicted that at 9:30, a half an hour before the event had even started, people waiting for services would begin lining up! The Edges Salon team members were eager to start offering haircuts, polish changes, massages, makeup touchups and more right away! The sign-up sheet rapidly began filling up, demanding the time of all the support staff, and the table filled with raffle prizes was so crowded you could hardly get through! The enthusiasm and energy were palpable and soon enough, onlookers began to drive up wanting to know what was going on.

We were happy to see so many Edges’ guests coming with crowds of friends and family to enjoy the great energy! There was a delicious barbecue, homemade Lebanese bread being cooked on site, fruit from Edible Arrangements, as well as entertainment provided by the talented magician Paul Spenard and great music from BigCity, a local band. Everyone had an incredible time and spent most of their Sunday with the Edges team waiting for the winners of the raffle to be announced. There were so many grateful winners who donated so much to win, and Edges loved being able to thank their supporters with some great items. The crowd showed no signs of dwindling at the ends of the day, and services were being requested even as the equipment was being packed away! The turnout was incredibly humbling.

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Though this wasn’t the first Cut-A-Thon hosted by Edges Salon, 2015 was definitely the year that we surpassed the success from all previous years! We raised a little over $7,500 at the Cut-A-Thon, through some major donations from Edges’ guests as well as other salon owners, and continued to raise money until September 1st. The grand total has surpassed $8,000!The Edges Salon team is proud of the work we’ve done to make a difference, not only for the guests we help on a daily basis, but in the lives of children in Canada, in partnership with ONEXONE. The amount of money raised at our incredible event will impact the lives of so many children throughout the school year. The beauty industry has incredible potential to help so many people on a scale that no one thought possible! We are proud to be front runners in moving salon and spa professionals to a place where they are seen as individuals who can make a difference that will last generations and leave a legacy within the industry.

ONEXONE would like to add that Jessica has graciously agreed to become an OXO Ambassador. We are so happy to have her join the volunteer team, and look forward to continuing our partnership with Edges Salon in the future!


Jessica Chammoury, Chief Marketing Officer, Edges Salon and Spa accepting a cheque from Lina and Mike Chammoury on behalf of ONEXONE


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