February 17, 2010

Working together, we can make a difference

Mission 6 chapter 2

We are on the flight. Jude has just introduced me to Davinder who is a businessman and Ajmer who is a recently retired Air Canada employee. They are both part of the International Punjabi Foundation. They were approached by an organization in UK to help get crutches to Haiti. They called all the big NGO’s for help but were not helped. Then they reached out to ONEXONE and Air Canada through the web sites. Given Ajmer is a past employee, he was able to get some help from Rick Tanner, Paul Roach, Steve Tang and Peter Hurst, all of whom are AC employees who helped him connect the dots.


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Last week Jude helped by getting half the shipment of crutches down and the balance is now being delivered on this flight. But this is just the beginning of the most incredible story.

You see Davinder and Ajmer heard yesterday, (Monday) that we needed food. Some large food people for a variety of reasons had refused us. We asked Davinder and Ajmer for help; unfortunately everything was closed in Toronto yesterday, but that didn’t stop them, they went on live radio and made an appeal to the Indian and Sikh communities asking people to drop off everything they could to their nearest temples and they then sent trucks all over the city to pick up. 12,000 lbs later we have food for PIH.

Davinder and I talk and I learn he lost a son 7 years ago and his wife last year. I tell him that I too lost my husband 7 years ago and it is clear to me that we are similar. We are driven to doing something positive to honour the people we loved so much.

We all decide our work is just beginning and it seems we have another partner and friend. I have also come to a conclusion over the last few years that I am so blessed in that I keep meeting the most incredible people, who are like minded and whose incredible passion to make a difference constantly amazes me and inspires me.

“Together we can save the World”



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